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How It Works

1 Target Markets
2 Investment Identification
& Analysis
3 Buy: Fund the deal
4 Repositioning
5 Investors Returns
6 Hold: Develop Passive Income
& Build Long Term Wealth
1 Target Markets

We target markets across the U.S. that contain all three of the following crucial metrics:

Strong Growth of Real GDP:

High job growth and dynamics stimulating future job creation.

Low Vacancy Rates:

The average vacancy rate must not be higher than 9% with an ideal vacancy of less than 7% .

Moderate Cap Rates:

We seek markets with CAP rates slightly higher than average so that we can provide investor returns, whilst improving value, from day one.

2 Investment Identification
& Analysis

1. We pride ourselves on our depth of experience in the industry. We use this experience to identify low risk investments with excellent growth potential.

2. Each deal is thoroughly vetted to ensure the deal meets our high standard of investment criteria.

3 Buy: Fund the deal

Once a suitable asset is identified we raise capital from our investors and purchase the deal. By pooling investors’ money together we are able to purchase larger assets.

4 Repositioning

We only identify, and purchase, assets that have the ability to be repositioned:

Simply put we increase the value of the property by implementing our specific investment strategy designed to maximize cashflow by:

  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Rehabbing units to increase rents
  • Exterior Capital Improvement to maximize curb appeal
  • Complete rebranding of the asset
5 Investors Returns

Investors make money four ways


Positive cash flow from rental income.


Investors own an equity share of the asset based on their investment. Through repositioning, we are able to force the appreciation of the asset by increasing the net operating income (NOI).


Rental income pays down the debt and builds equity in the property.


Investors receive the taxation benefits of deprecation.

6 Hold: Develop Passive Income
& Build Long Term Wealth

Our goal is to grow our investors’ capital and deliver solid returns from the day we close, whilst implementing our specific business plan. Combine this with our hands-on asset management approach, we are also able to contribute and add value to the surrounding community.

Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Apartments

Everyone always needs
a place to live
Apartments have ability
to produce passive & monthly
cash flow
You can force the appreciation
of apartments creating
long term wealth
Apartments are good hedges
against economic volatility
Apartments make very good
tax shelters
Apartment investments
are inflation fighters
Apartments are easier
to scale than other real estate
No day-to-day management
by using property managers

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